2 of 5 Non-Alcoholic Stars – Coffee, Tea or Me? by Trudy Baker, Rachel Jones & Donald Bain.

This book is very misleading. When I read the title of this book, I expected a bunch raunchy sluts banging guys left and right. I expected Sluts on a Plane. What I got was more like Little Miss Prissy Goes to Dinner. These so-called sluts never bang anyone. I swear. It’s fucking retarded.

I mean, the subtitle of this book is “The uninhibited memoirs…” Uninhibited my ass. They are prissy little cunts who never fuck anybody. It’s bullshit. I don’t understand how it took 3 stupid-ass authors to completely skull-fuck this story. You’d think that with more authors, comes more creativity, more ideas, more spunk.

But no. There’s no spunk in this book at all. No life. No reason to keep reading it, that’s for sure. If I wasn’t bored out of my fucking mind, waiting for my appointment at the doctor’s office, I never would have finished this poor excuse for a book.

It’s a slightly entertaining read, but only if you like reading about prissy bitches who never put out, which I certainly don’t. It did get a bit interesting when they shared a small apartment with 8 other girls who weren’t quite as prissy. Those girls knew how to party, walking around the place drunk and naked. Good times.

It really is too bad that the book wasn’t about those hardcore party girls. That would have been awesome. But no. It’s just the adventures of the purest prissy bitch of them all. From airline stewardess, to flirty little tramp. Not a slutty tramp, mind you. Just a flirty one. A boring one. A tramp you’d have to say ‘No thanks’ to, because she’s just not worth your time and effort.

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