2 of 5 Still-Better-Than-CSI:NY Stars – The London Project by Mark J. Maxwell.

This could have been a good book. But, it’s not. It’s fucking garbage. Sure, there’s interesting tech and all, but they never did anything interesting with it. I mean, it just turned into a boring CSI episode. Hell, I can make a better story than this stupid book, right here and now.

Take the portal tech, and add a bunch of serial killers going crazy, killing everyone, recording their every move and selling it to the highest bidder. There. A better story than The London Project.

Okay, how about this one… Aliens have been watching all the portal recordings, from everyone in London. They invade, and kidnap all the cool portal kids. Start their own reality TV show called “Portal Kids on Crack”. Hilarity ensues. There. A better story than The London Project.

This book is about a murder, and attempts to solve that murder, using high-tech gadgets from the future. Okay, they’re not ‘from’ the future… This book is set well in the future, where everyone’s brain is connected to the Portal system. It’s like being jacked into the internet, but in a broader scale.

Everything you see, hear, smell, taste, etc. is recorded, and broadcasted to the Portal. It brings a whole new level to porn, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, this book isn’t about porn, which is very sad. It should have been about porn, because at least then, it would have made for an interesting story.

As it is, the story is just a boring episode of CSI. All the cool tech is wasted on a stupid murder mystery. Who the fuck cares? Show me the porn, man! I know there’s got to be tons of Portal porn. Maybe it could have been about how kiddy porn has gotten out of control, because all the goddamn teenagers keep broadcasting their make-out sessions. Yet another storyline that would have been better than The London Project.

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