3 of 5 Repetitive-Stars-Repetitive Stars – Inferno by Dan Brown.

It’s really sad that Dan Brown’s books have become so formulaic. Somebody dies, or in this case, wounded. Langdon meets some beautiful, intelligent woman who has all the answers to some conspiracy. They run from the cops/gangsters/secret society goons and she slowly reveals the evil plot to destroy the world. But they must hurry! Quickly, quickly! This clue says to go over there. No, there! Etc etc ad nauseam.

That’s what happens in The DaVinchi Code, that’s what happens in Angels & Demons, and that’s what happens in this book, Inferno. Sure, everything is different in the end. There are always surprises at the end of the book, and this one actually did surprise me. I was about to put the book down, thinking, Okay then, they solved it. Right? Not even. It keeps going for another 100 pages or so.

It’s about some asshole scientist, who decides there’s too many goddamn people in the world. So, he builds a bomb. A virus bomb, that will infect the whole human race with some magic bug that will make everyone infertile. Well, mostly everyone. Like 10% of the population will still be able to produce crotch fruit.

So there’s this whole plot thing, for Langdon to solve, and save the world. Just like in every other goddamn Langdon book. And guess what? He saves the world. Because, of course he does. What else could have possibly happened? I mean, what’s the point in even reading the goddamn book, when I know what’s going to happen in the end?

Not much point, really. But the journey still makes for an interesting read. It was worth reading, I guess. To pass the time, it’s okay. To entertain, not so much. Because it really is just the same book as all the others.

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  1. ToddMedicii says:

    Does Inferno have to do with Catholicism? I see that theme in his other books. He must of had a bad experience with them.

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    • gegrizzle says:

      Well, it has to do with Dante’s Inferno, actually. There were some church elements to it as well, but mostly it was about one man’s obsession with Dante’s Inferno.


  2. Cassie says:

    I just have to say that your ratings system (the descriptions of the stars, not the stars themselves) constantly make me laugh out loud. I enjoyed the review, too! I have this book somewhere so I’ll get to it one of these days – or maybe I shouldn’t? 🙂

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    • gegrizzle says:

      Well, if you’ve read the other Dan Brown books, why bother? They really are the same story, over and over and over and over… And, thanks. Sometimes I spend more time thinking about the star description then I do the actual review. lolz. 😛


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