4 of 5 Sick-And-Depraved Stars – The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum.

This is the sickest, most depraved shit I have ever read. I know, there are plenty of sick and twisted books out there, I’ve read many of them. But, all of them pale in comparison to this disturbing book.

A young teenage girl is systematically abused, beaten, tortured and raped throughout this book. But, that’s not really the sick part. It’s the old lady who is enabling all this torment. Getting the neighborhood boys to do the dirty deeds. Offering them Cokes, or candy so they will stick around for the good old fashioned torture of this poor teenage girl.

The boys go from being just harmless bullies in the first part of this book, to being straight up psychopaths by the end. They enjoy torturing this girl. They beg the old woman to let them cut the girl. They’re constantly coming up with new and interesting means of torment.

My eyes were glued to the pages of this book. I couldn’t put it down. The descent into insanity was pure terror, and it was fascinating to read.

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  1. Shadow Girl says:

    Even more disturbing… the true crime behind it.
    I did love how J.K. began & ended the book, adding a more personal touch. It was a difficult book to get through. (And I love the twisted stuff.)


  2. gegrizzle says:

    Damn. Didn’t even know it was based on an actual crime. As they say, truth is stranger than fiction.


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