1 of 5 Miserable Stars – The Kill Order by James Dashner.

This book is not the story of Teresa and Thomas. It’s not their origin story. It doesn’t tell the tale I was hoping for, the tale of how and why they built the maze in The Maze Runner.

Instead, it’s a story of a completely different set of characters, and their journey to survive a virus outbreak. To find a cure, and to protect the immune. It’s not a particularly good story. In fact, its pretty damn boring.

But, at the beginning of the book, in the preface, it starts out with Teresa and Thomas, just minutes before Thomas gets put into the box, and sent up into the maze. So, I had high hopes.

And then chapter 1 starts 13 years earlier. 13 fucking years. In The Maze Runner they were only like 14-16 years old, so that means… Fuck! That means, if Teresa or Thomas are in this book at all, they’d be infants. Motherfucker.

I didn’t sign up for this. I wanted to read their story, goddamnit. I wanted to know why they built the maze. That’s the only real nagging question of the series. What the bloody fuck was the point of the goddamn maze? There isn’t one! It’s fucking bullshit.

So fuck you, James Dashner. Fuck you in your dirty hack asshole. Because this isn’t the story we wanted. This story is bullshit. Go ahead and eat a bag of dicks for getting my hopes up, and making me read this shit.

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