The Most Uncommon Cold – is actually pretty common

Posted: November 1, 2014 in 3 Star Reviews, Fiction, Horror
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3 of 5 Gory Stars – The Most Uncommon Cold by Jeffrey Littorno.

Now THIS is how you start a goddamn zombie story: “The grimy fingers poked slowly into the skin of the stomach.” that’s the first sentence from this book. Fucking awesome start.

From there, it turns into a fairly standard escape from the zombies story. The only difference from any other zombie story is that this zombie outbreak spreads like the common cold. Some people are immune, like the narrator, but most people end up eating brains.

I was disappointed that this story abruptly ends, without any kind of conclusion. Apparently, it is part of a series. So I get why you would want people to be motivated to read the next book. But come on… Give me at least some kind of ending, for fuck’s sake. It’s like I’m about to cum and then… Next time on The Most Uncommon Cold II… Oh go fuck yourself.

Besides the ending being bullshit, its still a pretty decent story. Fairly well written, and nicely gory.

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