Endless Night – desperately needs to end

Posted: November 9, 2014 in 3 Star Reviews, Fiction
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3 of 5 Party-Girl Stars – Endless Night by R.M. Gilmore.

Jesus tap-dancing Christ… Endless Night, that’s what this fucking book is. Just an endless fucking party. Seriously, let me break it down for you:

Chapter 1-4, getting to the fucking party.
Chapter 5-10 getting drunk at the party and being a mega bitch, and pissing off some voodoo priestess.
Chapter 11-12 finally leaving the party. Lots of puking. At some point, she passes out next to some hot guy, and doesn’t even get a piece of that hot dick. What the fuck?
Chapter 13-Whatever… just this stupid fat bitch running around, crying, getting drunk, puking, trying to get away from the voodoo chick. Trying to out-bitch the voodoo bitch, which just ain’t gonna happen. Don’t get me wrong, our hero, the fat skank Dylan, is a royal bitch, but this voodoo slut has got the serious stink eye.

Then we get to the James Bond bit. You know, the bit where the voodoo bitch lays out her whole plan. She goes on about all the shit that happened in the first book, The Scene. So, apparently, this voodoo bitch needs skanky whore blood from blond bitches in L.A. to fuel her evil empire. Who knew?

And who the fuck cares? Would it be too hard to write another original story with this crazy Dylan bitch, and her trusty side kick Tatum? Why does it have to be the same fake-vampire story, with just a bit of voodoo thrown in? I don’t fucking care about the dead cum dumpsters in L.A., I care about this new story in New Orleans, goddamnit. That’s why I’m reading this book. I already read the last book, so I don’t need that shit again. Fuck.

That being said, it’s still a fun book to read. I mean who doesn’t want to read about stupid bitches getting drunk and fucked up. And, for some reason, I just love reading about Dylan going full-on bitch mode, and getting in everyone’s face. It’s fucking awesome.

And hell, you just gotta love it when she busts out quips like this one: “Well, fuck me with a flip flop!” Ahh Dylan… I hope you never change.

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