4 of 5 Crazy-Awesome Stars – Balec by James Austin McCormick.

I didn’t think much of this book, from just looking at the cover. I mean the cover is retarded, right? It’s like some five year old made it or something, with crayons. Because of the cover, I was prepared to delve into another tome of garbage, when this book surprised the hell out of me. It’s actually quite good, and well written.

It’s the story of Adam Chance, a private detective, who has just found out that his son has been hanging out with the wrong people, most notably, a gang/cult who just happen to dabble in black magic. It turns out that this cult works for an evil overlord who is hell bent on taking over the world with an ancient demon. And, just guess who gets to be the new host for this super powerful demon? Come on, guess. You got it! Detective Chance’s son.

Okay, so the story doesn’t sound that spectacular, but trust me, it is. The characters have depth that is well thought out. Hell, even the thugs in this story have actual motivation. It’s crazy how real this story feels, given that its steeped in sorcery.

Don’t take my word for it, just read the first few pages of this book, and see for yourself. Goddamnit, I’m supposed to be finding things wrong with books. It’s my job to tear books to shreds, and let the world know how much they suck. But, dammit all… This book is fucking awesome. There, I said it.

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