Vengeance is Mine – is like a good SAW movie

Posted: November 12, 2014 in 5 Star Reviews, Fiction, Horror
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5 of 5 Gory-As-Fuck Stars – Vengeance is Mine by Leon Opio.

This novella would make an awesome horror movie. It’s about someone who gets abused in a mental hospital. They’re raped and tortured in the institution from 13, until their 18th birthday. Then, they set out for revenge on the bitches and assholes who put them there.

The story starts out with 4 people held captive in an abandoned mill. They each are restrained in their own sparse room, which is wired for video and sound, so they can witness the torture of the others who were part of the mental hospital conspiracy.

Throughout the story, we are treated to the detailed torture and eventual execution of these sick individuals. But, it’s not just mindless torture porn. There’s a story behind each of these subjects, and it is relayed with such detail, that by the end of each subject’s story – how and why they got this person institutionalized – you, the reader, are cheering for their horrible deaths.

This is a gripping and compelling tale which had me hanging on every word. This is a rare thing for me, as I am always looking for the worst faults in books. But this book gave me the one thing that I’m always longing for in a horror story. It gave me a villain who turned out to be a hero.

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  1. ajoobacats says:

    This sounds like a great horror read.


  2. gegrizzle says:

    It really is. Good, clean, blood-spattered fun.


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