3 of 5 Killer Stars – Locked Doors by Blake Crouch.

The problem with this book, is it’s just the same shit all over again, in different settings. Luther Kite and Orson go around doing their serial killer thing, while Andrew scratches his head and tries to figure it out. Then, Andrew gets captured by one of the killers and oh noes, they’re gonna kill him this time, right? No such luck. It’s the same story in all these books.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a pretty good book, if you’re into the whole serial killer thing, which I am. But come on Blakey boy, throw me some curve balls for fuck’s sake. Would it kill you to surprise the reader every once in a while? Because all these fucking books are way too predictable.

There’s really no point to reading ’em, except to fast forward to the killing and torturing. But at least, once you get to those good parts, they’re pretty good. Then, I have to stop masturbating when Andy inevitably escapes. Really pisses me off.

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