4 of 5 Better-Than-Harry-Potter Stars – The Ability by M.M. Vaughan.

Such a fun and entertaining book. Great characters, with interesting development. I wouldn’t really call this a Young Adult book. It’s more of a children’s book. Even so, it’s awesome.

I mean, I’m an adult, I think. I may have the mental capacity of a stupid 5 year old, but at least I don’t poop my pants very often. Even as a retarded 5 year old, I found this book somewhat fascinating. It’s the story of our hero Chris Lane, a 12 year old fuck-up, who’s been given the opportunity to attend London’s most interesting school. It’s a school where kids are trained to use abilities like telepathy, telekinesis, and other such superpowers.

But of course our retarded hero, Chris, tells this special school to go fuck itself, because he’d rather take care of his sick mom, and get beat up by fat fucks at school. Because, you know… Plot or something.

So, it’s pretty much a Harry Potter book. But, instead of witchcraft, it’s more about science fiction. Frankly, I found this book more interesting than Harry Potter. Harry never really gets to be a hero. But Chris is definitely a hero by the end of this book. I mean, his life still sucks, but at least it’s worth living.

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