The Art of Seduction – is amazingly alluring

Posted: December 11, 2014 in 3 Star Reviews, Non-Fiction
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art of seduction

3 of 5 Slightly-Amusing Stars – The Art of Seduction by Max Chang.

This book is fucking hilarious, and incredibly stupid. It was well worth reading just for the shits and giggles. I mean, I just can’t put down a book after I come across a passage that gives me good advice for picking up chicks while waiting in line for the bathroom at McDonald’s.

And the book just keeps getting better, and more retarded from there. I’ve always been a big fan of things that are retarded. Usually the more retarded, the better. I mean, who doesn’t think about ways to pick up chicks during an armed robbery? I know I do.

Okay, sure… Some of the scenarios this author proposed were a bit strange. Like, “During a visit from Social Services” or “While helping a blind person cross the street”. I really had to suspend belief just a tad for those. But after each one, I found that you could totally get laid in those situations. Or get kicked in the balls. Probably, just get kicked in the balls.

I’d highly recommend this book to guys who are looking for new and interesting ways to get slapped across the face, kicked in the balls, or just plain murdered. Because, bitches be crazy. And they’re even crazier at scenario # 33, “At an animal rights protest”. So read this book with caution, if you dare.

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