3 of 5 Frantic Stars – Runner by Patrick Lee.

This reminds me a lot of The Breach, which makes sense, because it’s by the same author. But the situation it starts with is almost the same. Girl bumps into some random guy who just happens to be the perfect guy to help her run/escape/solve the puzzle, etc. At least, in this story, the randomness of the perfect guy for the job is explained in the end.

This story is about a teenage girl who can read minds, who is running from some government spooks who want to use her for evil. So, she bumps into an ex-military special forces type guy, who’s just out for a morning jog. She tells him a brief story of woe, and he helps her evade her captors.

Of course, this special forces guy doesn’t know there’s a whole army of mind-readers out to stop him and his new-found friend.

In the end, this book is a little too much like The Breach. It’s very formulaic. I mean, it has a slightly different setting, but all the pieces of the plot are more or less the same. Some weird, unexplainable phenomena. Some person, along with their love interest side-kick, are trying to save the world from that phenomena. And of course, some evil government organization is hell bent on stopping them.

So it’s not that original. Big fucking deal. Nothing is original anymore. This is still a fun book to read. It’s fast-paced, from the very beginning. There’s plenty of action, and lots of intrigue. If you liked The Breach series, you’re sure to like this book as well.

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