3 of 5 Freaky and Disgusting Stars – The Bighead by Edward Lee

I thought I knew all about sick and twisted things, before I read this book. I mean, I thought there were rules. I’ve read plenty of sick and twisted books in the past, but most of them have a line they will not cross. For instance, most of the time, if some serial killer picks up an underage girl and drags her off to his lair, you’re not gonna get too many details of that encounter. It’s gonna be some pussy-whipped ending to a chapter. He gets her to his lair, and then…

Authors usually leave those gory details out. I guess they’re too scared to write about gang raping a 12 year old girl. Or boy, for that matter. But Edward Lee is not one of those authors. He’ll tell you every gory detail about that experience. How the boy tasted his sister’s shit on his dad’s cock, while his dad raped his mouth.

But that’s just one small example. There’s so much gore and debauchery in this book, it literally is torture porn. I mean, it’s not just torture that some may find erotic. It’s seriously graphic torture and graphic rape over and over and over. It’s real fucking porn.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I have to give Lee props for really going to town on this story, and not holding back at all. I rather enjoyed reading it. For the most part, it was absolutely fascinating. And I have to admit that I got wood more than once while reading this thing. Yes, I’m a sick and twisted pervert. What of it?

The only thing that really bothered me about this book wasn’t the gore or the porn, it was the fucked up style of prose that the author went with. Most of the book is written in broken redneck like english which was really annoying as fuck to read. But I understood why it was written that way. Because these sick fucks are backwoods idiots who can’t talk right. Or something.

But the bit that really gets me is that every time there’s a scene with a redneck, it’s always written with that same broken english prose. I get using that style with one guy. Especially with The Bighead himself. It was like an inner monologue or something. But for the rest of the redneck characters?

It was weird, because he gave those characters unique traits. They had their own voice, their own dialog and such, their own characteristics. So why the same goddamn prose? The only characters in this book who had normal style prose were the so-called “city folk”. So Lee kept switching back and forth, between these two styles, and it drove me absolutely bat-shit insane.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who thinks they are a sick and twisted pervert. Because you fucks don’t know what sick and twisted means, until you read this disgusting book.

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  1. Pete Deakon says:

    The best thing about your style is that I can tell you read the book. Nice work. I promise you’ll have mine in a few weeks.



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