The Last Town – is the worst town

Posted: December 23, 2014 in 4 Star Reviews, Fiction, Horror
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4 of 5 Horrifying Future Stars – The Last Town by Blake Crouch.

This book was non-stop action. From the very beginning, people were running for their lives. Real monsters were let into this small community, and they were hungry as fuck. People were dying, left and right, until the gate was finally closed, and the real fun began.

This really is the story of the last town on earth. It’s two thousand years in the future. Some eccentric billionaire decided back in 2012, that the human race was doomed. So he recruited a couple hundred people to go to sleep in a cryo chamber, to wake up two thousand years later. Hoping that the evils of the world had gone.

But of course, that’s not gonna happen. Two thousand years from now, humans may be extinct, but something much worse has taken their place. A human-beast hybrid that’s now the dominate life form on earth.

But these couple hundred people are a determined folk, so they build their town, and surround it with a huge electric fence, to keep the monsters at bay. But the eccentric billionaire gets bored with his creation. So he turns off the power, and opens the gates, for the monsters to flood in, and feast on sweet human flesh.

In the end, the asshole billionaire gets his comeuppance, and the remaining survivors decide to ditch this fucked up future. So they get back in their cryo tubes, and look forward to what horrible monsters may await them in seventy thousand years.

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