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2 of 5 Suck-Fest Stars – Super Nobody by Brent Meske

Apparently, this book was specifically written to be kid-friendly. In other words, there’s no profanity. Well, fuck that shit. But it also seemed that it wasn’t just profanity that was kept out of the book. Pretty much anything that any parent might find offensive, is left out of this book. So what’s left is a total suck-fest.

With the premise of this book, you’d think that there would be some fun to be had. I mean, the story centers around a Junior High which is stocked full of teenage super-heroes. Well, not all of them are super-heroes. Some have yet to activate, like the main kid the story is centered around.

Why the bloody fuck do you write a story about super-heroes, only to center on the one kid who isn’t one? Just to piss me off? It’s working.

So imagine the X-Men school, with all the mutants, and awesomeness. That’s what this school is supposed to be, but without the awesomeness. Just boring-ass normal everyday bullshit teenage crap. This kid gets picked on at school. Who cares? Girls can’t stand to be near him. Big fucking deal. Welcome to teenage life, you stupid fuck.

I don’t understand how the hell this author took a perfectly good idea and completely skull fucked it. Sure, there is a bit of super-hero stuff here and there, but for the most part, it’s just a retarded story. There just isn’t enough super bits to make up for the sucky bits.

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