4 of 5 Compelling Stars – The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

This was a very interesting book. It actually took me a couple days to finish it, because there wasn’t so much bullshit to skip like there is in many books. Just about every page in this book was part of the compelling story. There was very little filler, which I appreciated.

This book is the story of Cassie, a very observant teenager, who gets recruited into a special FBI agency. People like here are called Naturals, because they have a natural ability to profile people. This agency trains her, and others like her, to use their gifts to help the FBI catch killers.

Cassie’s mother had been abducted and/or killed. So, of course this entire novel centers around that original crime. The Naturals team end up following a case where some serial killer is killing women with red hair. Cassie’s mother had red hair…

You mean to tell me that, out of all the killers in the United States, Cassie’s first goddamn case is about some guy that probably murdered her mother? Seriously? Come on. That’s just stupid. Unless… Wait a minute. Maybe Cassie was recruited specifically to catch her mother’s killer. Ya think?

Most of this book is pretty much an episode of Criminal Minds. So, it’s not particularly original. But it’s still a decent story, with actual surprises in the end.

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