3 of 5 Not-Enough-Rape Stars – Happy Ever After by Matt Shaw.

This book had an interesting idea. Kidnap a girl, and force her to love you. Just tie her up in your basement, until she loves you. That’d work, right? Sure it will. Then, when she comes around, and decides to finally love you, she totally won’t chop your dick off and run for the hills. Right?

Fucking stupid. Of course she’s going to try to escape. And she’s not going to love you. She might pretend to love you, but she would never really love you. Why would you do it that way? Wouldn’t it make more sense to tie her up and just keep her as a sex slave? At least then you’d get laid, you stupid fuck.

But no. He’s got her tied up in a bedroom all this time, and he doesn’t fuck her until halfway through the goddamn book. And by then, it’s not even rape, because she’s pretending to love him. And it’s not even gory details about how he slapped her around, or anything. It’s just… Then he fucked her, and there was a wet spot on the bed. Ohhh, how enticing. Fucking bullshit.

It seems like this book is just an exercise in conflict. Sure, the entire book is filled with conflict. But unfortunately, it’s just one conflict. How does this girl get away from this guy? That’s it. Nothing else. So why bother reading it, if it’s just the same struggle over and over? Once you’ve read a page of it, you’ve pretty much read the book. There’s really no surprises.

There’s not even any goddamn torture porn. It’s nothing you can jack off too, that’s for sure. So, what’s the fucking point? It’s just the same stupid shit over and over for 400 some pages.

So fuck off, Matt Shaw. Eat my motherfucking ass. Have some variety next time. Or at least rape the bitch over and over. Give me something. Damn.

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