3 of 5 Fucked-Up Stars – The Pig by Edward Lee.

The problem with writing about debauchery, is that there are only so many variations of brutal sex and torture. Or at least that’s what I’m assuming, with this book. Because Edward lee repeats himself often in this book. He borrows from his other sick and twisted books, instead of coming up with new and interesting debauchery.

Well, except for the bestiality, of course. That sick and twisted porn is exclusive to this book, as far as I can tell. Because that’s what this book is. Porn. The most disgusting porn I’ve ever read, that’s for sure. There’s pig fucking, where the junkie whore catches the pig’s jizz in a shot glass and downs that shit with a grin. Then, there’s the dog fucking. And the horse fucking.

And it’s all captured on film, by our hero, the geeky Leonard D’arava. Leonard is a film school nerd who was looking to make his first film, fresh out of school. Like an idiot, he got a loan from a brutal loan shark, to make his film. Of course, when the time came to pay back the loan, Leonard didn’t have the cash.

So now, Leonard is owned by the mob. They keep him at an old farmhouse, out in the middle of nowhere, to make his dirty animal porn. With two strung out junkie whores to keep him company.

One day, the mobsters show up with some white bitch who was the daughter of some judge. I guess the judge didn’t take kindly to bribery, so the mobsters took his daughter to the farm, to make a nice snuff film. Leonard films the whole thing. He’s not happy with his lot in life, but there’s not much he can do about it.

The mobsters didn’t give a fuck about Leonard, or the skanky whores, so the only food they left at the farmhouse was dog food. So, after a brutal pig-fucking session, where the whores ended up killing the pig, Leonard decided something… Fuck this shit. He’d eat that motherfucking pig.

He butchered it up, and ate that pig. Then, he literally turned into a demon. Because apparently, that pig was cursed or something. His body turned green. His cock went from being 5 inches erect, to being 10 inches flaccid. Oh, and he started growing horns on his head. Like you do.

At night, he went across the field to an Amish community, and fucked all the virgin Amish girls with his 15 inch cock. Because, that’s what you do when you’re a green demon with a huge cock. You go impregnate a bunch of pure-as-the-driven-snow Amish girls with your literal demon seed.

I liked this book, because it was sick and disgusting. It made me cringe more than once, that’s for sure. I hated this book, because it was just more of the same Edward Lee porn. For him, it wasn’t very original.

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  1. gegrizzle says:

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    —— This really is a sick and twisted book. But not very original for an Edward Lee story.


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