Digital Heretic – too much heretic, not enough digital

Posted: January 11, 2015 in 3 Star Reviews, Fiction, Sci-Fi, Young Adult
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3 of 5 Not-So-Digital Stars – Digital Heretic by Terry Schott.

At the end of the first book in this series, The Game, I thought to myself, ‘Wait a minute, this is a game within a game, isn’t it?’. And sure enough, with this book, that’s what it is.

Our hero, Trew dies at the end of the first book. Well, he was mostly dead, anyway. His body was only kept alive by machines. But, guess what happens in this book? Go ahead, guess. Do you think he’s really dead? Or does he just wake up suddenly, as if by miracle?

You guessed it! He’s alive and well. Yippie! Who the fuck cares? Jesus tapdancing christ. If you’re gonna kill someone, fucking kill them, goddamnit. I fucking swear, everyone who ‘dies’ in this fucking book ends up just coming back, refreshed and spry as ever.

Anyway, this book is about the ever-growing conspiracy, about who can manipulate The Game. Because, there’s this prophecy, or something, that when Danni dies, The Game will end. If that happens, then all the players around the world will drop dead. Really dead. Not this bullshit come-back-to-life dead, I mean real-life dead.

Okay, fine. So, pull all the players out of the goddamn game, already. What’s the fucking problem? Just shut down the game, before Danni can die. Pull her out, along with everyone else. End of conflict.

But, I guess that’s just too goddamn easy. Instead, most of this book is about an evil programmer who ended up becoming The Game’s Lucifer. And he’s systematically killing off players. Oh noes. Big fucking deal. If they die in the game, they just wake up in real life. So, why should I shed one fucking tear? It’s not real death, it’s not even real conflict. it’s just fake make-believe computer-generated conflict.

Fuck that shit. Give me some real goddamn conflict, for fuck’s sake. Give me something to actually care about. Not just this fucking intrigue, where this might be a game within a game. Or maybe there’s not a game at all. Maybe there really is a God, and he’s controlling the whole goddamn planet. Who the fuck knows?

This book just gave me too many questions, without enough answers. And it left on a motherfucking cliffhanger. Goddamn cocksucking authors and their fucking series. I get it, it’s your job to drag us along, so we want to read the next one.

But, fuck you man. At least give me a stand-alone story, that’s compelling enough in and of itself, that I actually want to read the next one. Don’t just write a 300 page fucking preview of the series for fuck’s sake. Because that’s what this book is, in the end. Just a motherfucking preview.

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  1. Oh my. I’m laughing hysterically at this. I’m afraid what you might say about my books! No doubt there will be a shit-ton of profanity, but, you seriously don’t hold back. That’s a little scary to me.

    Still love your reviews though. 🙂


  2. A.D. Martin says:

    Sounds like Sword Art Online but even less thought out.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. gegrizzle says:

    Well… this isn’t a mmorpg at all. It’s just a simulation of real life. While you’re in this game, you have no idea you’re even playing a game. When you log in, you’re actually born as a baby, and grow up and learn things and shit. What’s the fucking point? There’s enough of real life as it is. lolz


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