3 of 5 Stupid Cunt Stars – Divergent by Veronica Roth.

Before I heard of this book, I didn’t know the word Divergent even existed. Then, I started reading the book, and the protagonist started explaining the factions. I’m pretty sure the author just made up words for the faction titles because fuck, I’ve never heard of those words either.

I mean, Abnegation isn’t a word, is it? Or Erudite? I mean am I just completely illiterate? Well, probably, because I had to look up how to spell illiterate. But still! Every time I was reading about the factions, my brain just went bla bla bla, that’s not a word, just skip it.

That being said, it was still an interesting and compelling story. Albeit, a very juvenile way of telling it. I mean the first person protagonist is just a typical moody teenage girl. Seriously, who wants to hear about some stupid teenage girl, from her point of view? Apparently me, because I still finished the goddamn thing.

It really is a good story, even though it’s derivative as fuck. I mean, come on… Putting teenagers into factions is not an original idea at all. It’s like nearly every goddamn young adult book puts ’em in factions. What’s the deal with that? Is it because teens are rebellious, and it’s just a tool to create more conflict? Probably.

But, I don’t really care. It was still well worth reading. The Dauntless faction that young Tris chose, definitely sounds like fun. I don’t know why any teenager would chose any of the other factions, really. Because, the rest of them sound boring as fuck.

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  1. ayla1188 says:

    I couldn’t stand this book!! I had the same thoughts about the “factions”.


  2. Mark V. says:

    I believe this recurring theme of “factions” in Young Adult novels from Harry Potter to The Hunger Games purely exist to feed into the social construct of teenage cliques in schools. It’s idiotic but I doubt it’ll stop. If ever.


    • gegrizzle says:

      But seriously, what teenager would chose anything but Dauntless? Okay, maybe a few, the nerdy types, maybe. But even so, the factions would be so uneven. There’d be 9 million Dauntless, and just a couple in the other factions. It’s retarded.

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  3. kirk72 says:

    I quite enjoyed the book too. The film however is horrendous


  4. toddmedicii says:

    I’d love to see you review YA Contemporary novels. I passionately hate but can’t help liking them. They’re all about love triangle’s, “bad boys”, and rebelling. It’s all the same.


  5. gegrizzle says:

    heh. I remember starting Every Day by David Levithan, and getting bored out of my fucking mind before the end of the first chapter. 😛


  6. Mike Finn says:

    I loved the book and didn’t have to look up any of the words, probably because I’d have been in Erudite wondering why the adrenalin freaks in Dauntless couldn’t figure out how to stop a train before getting on it.

    I loved your review too. It made me smile and it got beyond that “this book is so awesome I have to say nice things about it” vibe.

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  7. Mike Finn says:

    Reblogged this on Mike Finn's Fiction and commented:
    I’m reblogging this because Glen’s approach to reviewing books is so refreshing. Enjoy.

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  8. lesreveriesderowena says:

    I like your blog already! Very entertaining and refreshing book review:)

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  9. Lol I love the way you wrote the review

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