The Society of Imaginary Friends – is quite friendly

Posted: January 15, 2015 in 4 Star Reviews, Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult
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4 of 5 Roller-Coaster Stars – The Society of Imaginary Friends by Kristen Pham.

I’m pretty sure that most kids experience imaginary friends, from time to time. Especially us geeky types, who didn’t have many real friends. You could always count on your imaginary friends to cheer you up. They would give you reasons not to kill yourself. Or at least, make you feel guilty enough not to do it. Because, they loved you. And even imaginary love is worth sticking around for.

This book tells the story of imaginary friends that really do exist. I mean, they exist elsewhere, on another planet entirely, but they project themselves to earth, like a hologram, to enrich children’s lives.

These imaginary friends, and their world, are full of magic and wonder. Sometimes, they find children on earth who are capable of amazing magic themselves. But the magic will kill them if they stay on earth. Because, reasons.

This story is about a young girl’s journey to this other world. Because, for some reason, Valerie’s oh so special. Bad guys from the other world are sent to attack her, but Valerie’s magic makes her a natural fighter. She turns into a She-Hulk and destroys anyone who tries to stop her.

Okay, she doesn’t really turn into a She-Hulk. But the rage wells up inside her, and her power just goes berserk, and… Goddamnit. It’s just easier to say she turns into a fucking She-Hulk.

And of course, there’s the dreamy boy-toy who has been sent to protect her, on her journey to the other world. But then, Valerie is whisked away to the Globe, in the first ingenious mode of transportation in this book. She’s hurled through outer space in a bubble, that she steers with her mind. So, of course she gets lost immediately.

That’s one of the coolest parts of this book. The unique modes of transportation. From magic tunnels, to magic wind portals, to bending space and time… It’s just amazing and creative.

Valerie finally does find her way to this magical land, where there are even more bad guys after her. I never really did figure out why the fuck everyone is after this girl. There’s really nothing that special about her. Sure, she’s a She-Hulk type fighter, but so what? I mean, she can bring people back from the dead. Big deal.

It’s just like… This whole book is an adrenaline rush, where the characters are always running for their life. Someone is always out to get them. But why? I just can’t figure that bit out. Why do they want to get this girl? I kept thinking that there would be some reveal in the end, about how she’s some kind of legacy, or prophecy that must be stopped or something… But no.

I loved this book because of its amazing world building, and vibrant characters. I actually cared what the fuck happened to this girl. I didn’t know why I cared. I just did. Because these imaginary friends are real, goddamnit. They’re real to me, at least. Don’t judge me!

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  1. conjurors says:

    Thank you for taking the time to read my story and write such a thoughtful review!

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  2. The illusion is shattered – you LIKED this book 😀

    You should change the name of your blog to Glen Hates MOST Books.

    Liked by 1 person

    • gegrizzle says:

      lmao, yes I do occasionally find books that I like. I’m always hoping to like each book I read, but usually they fucking suck. So, it’s quite refreshing when I do find a book that I like. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I can see what you meant about giggling like a school girl when you find something you enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. gegrizzle says:

    lolz. I know, right? So soft. It’s pathetic. 😛


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