1 of 5 Go-Fuck-Yourself Stars – Birds of Prey by Blake Crouch and Jack Kilborn.

If you have read Serial Killers Uncut, which is by the same authors, don’t bother reading this. Birds of Prey is pretty much just a copy of that book.

This book is a collection of short stories about serial killers, same as Serial Killers Uncut. It is not a novella, as it’s said to be. As far as I can tell, there are only 2 very short stories in Birds of of Prey which are not included in Serial Killers Uncut. And both of those stories are exposition pieces about the killers’ youth.

If I had known this was the only difference in these two books I most certainly would not have read Birds of Prey. It’s utterly pointless. It was a total and complete fucking waste of time.

Seriously, this book pissed me off. I think I even threw it across the room, at one point. Because it’s just bullshit. I wanted to read more about the fucked-up duo Lucy and Donaldson, goddamnit. Because they’re fucking awesome.

But no! All I got was the same shit I’d already read. And a little exposition that I’m not even interested in. I don’t give a fuck how Luther Kite grew up. I just want to read about him torturing people. Is that so wrong?

Obviously not, because there are plenty of these books out there. At least some of them are somewhat original. But not this fucking book. It’s just a carbon copy of another book, with a different name.

If I could, I’d give this book 0.00000000001/5 stars. Or fuck it, give it 0 goddamn stars. Because that’s what it deserves. It wasted my fucking time, and for that it deserves the worst possible rating.

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