Uglies – are not as ugly as they seem

Posted: February 1, 2015 in Fiction

Glenn Hates Books


3 of 5 Not-So-Ugly Stars – Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.

I didn’t think I would enjoy this book. It’s not an idea that really appeals to me. I mean, I was never that ugly as a kid. So, I never really hoped to be beautiful. Maybe it’s a girl thing.

But what got me in this book, was the amazing sci-fi world this author has created. In his Uglies future, the supermodels of our current era are thought of as ugly. I can’t even imagine what the supermodels of their era look like.

But it’s not just that. It’s all the tech that he’s created for this book that’s fascinating. How they make people Pretty. The so-called side effects of it. The food, the clothes, the toys, even the transportation, is new tech that I’ve never heard of. Absolutely amazing.

That being said, the plot in this book is way…

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