4 of 5 Altered-Cock Stars – Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan.

A very interesting and unique story. Well, other than the sci-fi element, the actual story is fairly standard who-done-it conspiracy garbage. But the fact that the protagonist is a total asshole who pretty much kills anyone for any reason, is this book’s saving grace. It’s the characters that make it an interesting read.

Frankly, I’d read about Kovacs doing his taxes, because he would probably end up killing someone, and then fucking some hot skank on his disheveled tax forms.

This story centers around a very rich guy who got himself murdered, like a fucking idiot. Not that it matters, because his brain is on backup. So, he gets his new body, and calls up the sexy man-beast Kovacs, who’s not only a mercenary, but also a private detective, bounty hunter, or whatever. He’s a whore, basically. And the rich guy hires Kovacs to find out who killed his previous body. You know, for shits and giggles.

The sci-fi element of this book is really quite interesting. Pretty much everyone is immortal, in this world. Your consciousness is uploaded daily to a remote location. If you die, you just reload into a “sleeve” which is usually a clone, or even an upgraded version of yourself. You can even choose a sleeve of a different sex, different race, etc.

I found myself thinking, Goddamn this would be cool. Fuck losing weight, just log into a different, fit and sexy sleeve. Good times.

This book is awesome, because of some unique sci-fi elements, and a sexy badass protagonist. But it loses a star for a fairly basic who-done-it story. But then it gains another star, because Kovacs is so damn sexy. Did I mention he’s a sexy man-beast? It’s really too bad that he’s distinctly heterosexual. Quickly! Quickly! To the interwebs! Must find hot Kovacs slash fic, STAT!

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  1. Mike Finn says:

    This is one of my favourite science fiction books. Pulls no punches at all. I loved that he went beyond – cool, I can back myself up – and on to how the rich would play the system: getting to use the bodies of the poor to pay back debt, sentencing people to be kept in storage, making clones of themselves to have sex with because they are the most interesting person they know.

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