The Invisible Forest – is high as balls

Posted: February 5, 2015 in 2 Star Reviews, Fantasy, Fiction
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2 of 5 Bad-Trip Stars – The Invisible Forest by Alina Grigorovitch.

This story is just a bad acid trip. From the very beginning, nothing seemed real. People talked funny, like in a fantasy. It seemed like a very vivid dream, from which there was no escape.

It reminded me a lot of Alice in Wonderland. The story even had its own Cheshire Cat, but it wasn’t a cat, it was a Phantom. But it served the same purpose, to explain this dream-like world to the Backwards Man, and to confuse the bloody hell out of anyone reading it.

This novella is about a man who has lost his way in life. He can’t hold a job. He can’t find a girlfriend. His life fucking sucks. So he just wanders around, until he comes to this magical forest, where he encounters all sorts of magical beings. Finally, his life makes sense. He has a purpose.

He sets out, through the magical forest, to find his long-lost castle. The place where he belongs. He knows it in his heart, somehow. He is drawn to it, through the forest. People guide him, along the way. A wizard here, a merchant there. And a bartender with a magical coin.

The big problem I have with this book is the dialogue. Everyone talks the same. The characters aren’t distinct. I mean, their descriptions are unique, but their dialogue sounds the same. I guess it kind of makes sense, seeing that this whole acid trip adventure is just in this guy’s fucked-up head, but come on…

Is it really that hard to create unique dialogue for each character? That’s what makes them characters, for fuck’s sake. It’s what makes them stand out. I can’t decide if I like a character, or if I just wish they would die in a fiery pit, if they all sound the same.

So, I guess my conclusion is, fuck this guy. Fuck Backwards Man. He’s a total idiot. He can have anything he wants, and he just wastes it. He can create the perfect world, with the perfect people. His perfect mate. His perfect dog. His perfect life. But he’s never satisfied, so he just wanders the forest instead. So yes, he should totally die a horrible death, in a fiery pit.

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