Being – is yet another good book. Dammit.

Posted: February 16, 2015 in Fiction

Glenn Hates Books


4 of 5 Young-Blood Stars – Being by Kevin Brooks.

This is a very awesome book. It reminds me of going to the doctor, when I was a kid. I always hoped that I was some sort of alien. That they would poke a needle in me and some weird yellow acid would squirt out. But goddamnit, that never happened. Turned out, I was human after all.

So this story is about a teenager who goes to the doctor for a endoscopy. The doctors are shocked at what they find. This boy is not human. Or something. Then, the spooky government types show up and try to cover the whole thing up. The boy escapes and runs to a girl he knows who just happens to make fake IDs for a living.

They escape overseas, to a place where they can have great robot sex on the beach. Or is…

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