Invisible Monsters – doesn’t have any monsters

Posted: February 18, 2015 in Fiction

Glenn Hates Books


1 of 5 Totally-Visible Stars – Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk.

This book is not about invisible monsters. If you look under your bed at night, looking for monsters, you will not find anything that is contained in this book. Because there’s not one single monster in this goddamn book.

It’s about stupid, vapid bimbos. Silly-ass cunts that may end up killing each other one day. Because their hair isn’t just so, or because they chipped a fucking nail. Whatever. It’s fucking stupid.

Okay, sure. People can be monsters. I know this, okay? But, goddamnit. Give me a real fucking people monster, at least. Damn. These bitches are not monsters, they’re just stupid spoiled whores.

So, fuck Chucky boy in his stupid dirty asshole. Because, I know he can write about monsters. I know he’s a sick fuck and he writes about fucked up things. Oh, and fuck those stupid…

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