3 of 5 Look-Who’s-Talking-Now Stars – Allegiant by Veronica Roth.

Shortly after starting this book, I got worried. I started to think that Tris was most certainly going to die. It was the only explanation for why the perspective kept jumping around from Tris, to Four, to some other jackass…

I mean, the first two books were written in the first person, from the Tris perspective. And then this book, jumping around from one perspective to another, was not only annoying as fuck, but it was very telling as to what’s going to happen to the narrator of the other books. She’s going to fucking die. There’s no other explanation for the other perspectives.

If you can get past these bullshit perspectives, and just try to enjoy the actual story in the book, it’s actually a decent book. There’s lots of action. There’s betrayal. Love gained, and love lost. A jail break. And finally, the death of the most annoying whiney-ass bitch, the angst-ridden Tris. Thank god.

This story centers around a rebellion. The people who call themselves the Allegiant. They are determined to get back to their old way of life. Where they’re all sorted into factions. So, I guess the Allegiant just want to go back to being mindless drones. Wow. So rebellious.

This book is also about finding out the truth about their society. How it came to be. What really are the Divergent? I mean, are they trying to get rid of the Divergent people, or are they, in fact, the reason for the whole society in the first place?

The description of how their walled-up society came to be is just fucking retarded. The Purity Wars? Seriously? There was a war about who’s genetically pure, and who’s supposedly flawed? That’s just silly. Then again, there have been wars about sillier things. Like religion. And slavery.

And yes, the Divergent are, in fact, the chosen ones. They are the genetically pure ones. But, unfortunately, it turns out that Four isn’t a real Divergent. He’s just slightly Divergent. So, he’s still flawed. So he and Tris break up, because who wants to be with someone who’s flawed. Awwww. So sad.

But don’t worry. They get back together, just before she dies. Because, drama and shit. The stupid thing is, there really was no need for her to die. I really don’t get it. In fact, I think the story would have been much better if she lived. Oh well. One less whiney-ass bitch.

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  1. Courtney says:

    You know, I actually enjoyed the Divergent series and think it’s the only good YA out there. But I thought this review was funny. 🙂

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    • gegrizzle says:

      I did like this series. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have read all 3 books. It was a great idea, but could have been done much better. I just had my issues with these books, just like most books I read. 😛


  2. I haven’t read the last book because I have heard such terrible things about it. I was spoiled about Triss dying right after it came out. One friend of mine told me to stop at Insurgent and just imagine an ending because it’s better than the disappointment of reading the last book. I might read it one day. Probably not.

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    • gegrizzle says:

      The story itself, in this book, really isn’t that bad. It’s a decent conclusion, in my opinion. It’s just the format of this book that really pissed me off. And i was happy when that stupid cunt Tris died, so there’s that. 😛


  3. Mike Finn says:

    I thought the strength of the first two books was that we saw everything from Tris’ point of view. Four’s voice in this is intrusive and disruptive. And the whole death scene is wishy-washy as you say. It annoyed me.
    Thanks for another good review.

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  4. mskiliereads says:

    “Because drama and shit”. YES A MILLION TIMES.

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