The Lament of Sky – is not so sad

Posted: March 1, 2015 in 3 Star Reviews, Fantasy, Fiction


3 of 5 Bustin-My-Book-Cherry Stars – The Lament of Sky by BB Wynter

This book reminds me of the first book that I read for my own pleasure, as a teenager. It was David Eddings’ Pawn of Prophecy. Before that book, I had only read books because of school assignments. It never occurred to me to actually read a book because I wanted to.

Pawn of Prophecy popped my reading-for-pleasure cherry. I was hooked on fantasy, and couldn’t get enough of it. That is, until I started reading some other authors, and realized that it was just Eddings’ masterful writing that made those books worth reading.

So it’s a good thing when I say this book, The Lament of Sky, actually reminds me of Eddings’ work. I don’t read much fantasy fiction anymore, because I find so much of it so fucking formulaic. Some nobody gets dragged along on an epic adventure, usually against their will. And surprise, surprise, they turn out to be long-lost royalty, or something.

And this book is no different. It’s the same goddamn formula as every other fantasy story ever written. A long-lost princess is saved from a simple life, only to be dragged along, on an epic adventure. She protests at every turn. She couldn’t possibly be this super-important magical queen, or whatever. She’s just this girl, ya know?

Of course, I found her protests silly as fuck, because everyone knows what’s going to happen. She’s gonna cry and whine, and carry on, but she’s still going to go along with the crew to save the world and shit. She’s just gonna moan and bitch while she does it.

What made this story different, was the fact that she had to put up with so many people sabotaging her journey. The people who are supposed to protect her turn out to be like evil or something. They’re secretly conniving against her the whole time. Cool.

But there’s at least one guy, of course, who is pure of heart. He helps her along her journey, and tries to fend off those who seek to destroy her. I liked this guy. He had a hard time convincing young whats-her-face that he just wanted to help her. Because all her other ‘helpers’ just ended up stabbing her in the back.

But eventually, he wins her over, and they go off and save the day. Stop the world from exploding, and all that happy horseshit. And they probably had crazy hippy sex when I wasn’t paying attention. Because I’m pretty sure the dude was drugging her or something. You just can’t trust those fairy-boys. They’re sneaky little fuckers.

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  1. Dan says:

    Five Stars for the last paragraph… I laughed for 4 minutes straight.

    Liked by 1 person

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