1 of 5 Get-Vampire-Zombie-Raped Stars – I Am Legend by Richard Matheson.

I hated this book so much. It’s pure drivel. Well, 90% of it was drivel, the last 10% was actually pretty damn cool. But I expected the whole book to be like the last 10%, full of monsters and zombies.

But no. The first 90% was full of useless horsehshit. It’s just about this guy living in an empty city. Wandering around, going on about how much his life sucks so much ass. Oh how I wish I could find someone… Please, someone answer my call.

Shut the fuck up and kill some zombies already, man. I don’t fucking care about what you had for breakfast. I don’t care about how you’re a goddamn shut-in, who rarely leaves his fucking house. Go outside, for fuck’s sake. Give me some goddamn action. Damn.

In the last 10%, he finally meets some people. They rape him in his dirty asshole, like he deserves. Because, fuck this guy. He’s just a useless fuck. I hate him so much, I want to kill him myself.

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  1. Anne says:

    I swear, your reviews are a highlight of my day, lol. I never read this book, but I liked the movie somewhat (with Will Smith, it was quite awhile ago). Did you see it? There was no zombie rape, so that’s a plus. 😉

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  2. Anne says:

    Yeah, sounds like it, since I have no memory of Will Smith being sexually assaulted by zombies – thank God, lol. 😉

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  3. ruckasaurus says:

    I can’t believe you went zombie again so soon after the last zombie review. I usually have to move around between romance genres to keep from burning out. Just picked up your book on Amazon. Looking forward to more of your witty and painfully honest reviews.


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