Merissa – has an anal g-spot

Posted: March 12, 2015 in 4 Star Reviews, Fiction
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4 of 5 50-Shades-Of-Anal Stars – Merissa by Emma Jaye.

I actually enjoyed this book. It’s hardcore BDSM, which is always fun. But this book isn’t stupid, like that ridiculous Fifty Shades of Grey. No, this book describes BDSM as it should be. Where the Dom actually protects, and cares for his Sub.

Fifty Shades is more about abuse, and mental illness. It’s about BDSM gone wrong. This book describes how BDSM can be a good, healthy relationship. With immense pleasure, on both sides. In fact, it describes something called ‘subspace’, which is like a runner’s high.

When the call-girl, Marissa first experienced subspace, she described it like the first time she tried marijuana. She was out of her mind, high as balls, as she was bound and fucked furiously. She was so baked on sex, that she hardly remembered what happened.

This book is about a plain, twenty-something woman, who works a shitty job at a call center. She gets together with some of her friends, and gets drunk on red wine. One of the friends suggests to Merissa that she turn tricks. Because, that’s what friends are for.

Of course, Merissa doesn’t want to be a whore. Not a street-walker, at least. But her friends explain the arrangement. It’s a high-class call-girl type of deal. Their clients are super-rich guys who pay ten grand a session. And one of their new clients wants a fresh Sub. Someone who’s not into the scene. A girl he can start fresh with, like a clean canvas.

Merissa is perfect for this client, because she’s fucking clueless. She thinks she might want to try the Sub part out, but she’s not sure. She meets up with the rich-guy client, and they have mad, passionate Dom/Sub sex, like they’ve been doing it for years.

This is the problem that I have with this book. It’s said that neither Merissa, or her client, Sully, have had any experience with the BDSM scene. They’re supposedly BDSM virgins, so to speak. So how the fuck do they just fall into the roles so easily? There’s no struggle. No conflict about the inherent dangers of such a relationship.

That’s one thing that Fifty Shades got right. At least there was some fucking conflict in that story. In this story, everything they do is just fucking awesome. Nipple clamps? Sure, that’s just wonderful. A spanking? Oh, yes please, that’s marvelous. Fuck that shit, goddamnit. Give me some struggle, some conflict and resolution. Is that too much to ask?

But no. Everything in this book is just happy-joy-joy fucking. And the rich fuck Sully asks the plain Merissa to marry him, of course. It’s all just a girly fantasy. Well, except for the hardcore ass fucking. And the best line of this book: “he hit her g spot from inside her ass.”

Seriously? He hit her g-spot from inside her ass? That’s fucking awesome, and completely retarded.

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