Tannion – another good book, dammit

Posted: March 22, 2015 in 4 Star Reviews, Fiction
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4 of 5 Evil-Villain Stars – Tannion by Wayne Elsner.

I really wish people would stop giving me these awesome books to read. I mean, what’s a guy gotta do to find a bad book in this town? It’s crazy. This is like my 3rd 4-Star review in a row. It’s out of control, man.

This book tells the story of Superman. Err, I mean, Tannion. You see, Tannion was struck by lightning. This isn’t usually something good that happens. But for Tannion, it turned him into a superhero. At first. Then it turned him into a murderer. A super-murderer. And at the end of the book, he was pretty much a super villain, stroking his fluffy white cat.

When it first started, he noticed that he could heal himself rather easily. Then he stabbed himself several thousand times, and found that he was pretty much Wolverine, but without that whole metal skeleton thing. Because Tannion could heal super-fast, and it turned out, he could heal others as well, just by touching them.

So he headed to a cancer ward, and healed some random patients. It was in the newspaper the next day. So he figured shit, that’s not gonna fly. Can’t have the press all over my ass. So fuck it, I’ll just go kill some bad guys. That doesn’t make me bad, right?

So Tannion does his best Dexter impression, and goes on a killing spree, supposedly killing only bad guys. Drug dealers, pimps, random guys that accosted him on the street. A bum who asked for spare change. Because fuck bums. They’re evil right? Bums? Fuck yea, of course they’re evil. Keep telling yourself that, man.

Soon after killing the bum in New York City, Tannion ended up killing a FBI agent, accidently-on-purpose, as you do. So he fled, and eventually landed in Los Angeles, where he took up the thug lifestyle, and joined a Russian crime syndicate. Because that’s how bad guys go to college.

This is a great book, filled with action. It has character arcs that will blow your fucking mind. And half the time, you can’t even tell the good guys from the bad guys. I mean, I couldn’t tell, anyway. Because I still don’t know if Tannion is really evil. He killed so many people…

But did he really do it to make the world a better place, or is he just no better than Dexter? I mean, did he just keep doing it, because he enjoyed killing, or did he just enjoy killing bad guys? I have no idea. But you can’t keep doing that shit if you don’t like it just a little.

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  1. jessmbaum says:

    You just can’t escape good writing. haha

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