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Posted: March 27, 2015 in 4 Star Reviews, Fiction, Sci-Fi
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4 of 5 Something-Something-Dark-Side Stars – Sunfall by James Austin McCormick.

This is a very cool book. But it reminds me way too much of Star Wars. I mean, it’s got the scruffy young nerf herder guy who’s a cross between Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. Because he’s a rebel with his own Millennium Falcon. He’s good with fixing things, like Luke. And of course, he saves the princess.

Because yes, there’s also a goddamn Princess Lea. I’m surprised there wasn’t a fucking wookie. But wait, there’s more! There’s a mutant Darth Vader. He’s a genetically modified killing machine. An assassin. And I guess, kind of a bounty hunter. So it’s like Darth Vader and Boba Fett butt fucked and made this guy. Awesome.

(Just imagine the text below scrolling like Star Wars)

Long, long ago… In a galaxy far, far away… Luke Skywalker, I mean Zac, meets this girl who needs to catch a ride to Mars…

(Okay, end the scrolling… This is getting silly)

This story is about the destruction of Mars by the Death Star. Okay, there’s no Death Star. But still. I mean the similarities are staggering. But Mars is actually doomed to be wiped out by some solar storm, or some such shit. And the princess has the magic technology to save the planet.

Okay, she’s not really a princess. Sana is just a really rich girl, with really rich and brilliant parents. They developed the technology to save an entire planet with self-replicating nano-thingies. And Sana is wandering around a space port with this nano-tube that’s worth billions.

In comes the nerf herder. He agrees to take her to Mars for a bajillion credits, because he’s a selfish cunt, just like Han Solo. And of course he owes some kind of debt to the mob boss at the space station. Just like the cantina scene in fucking Star Wars.

Zac and Sana flee to the Millennium Falcon, and barely escape the space station alive. But wait, the Darth Vader and Boba Fett butt baby is hot on their trail. He’s a fucking killing machine on a rampage, and he will stop at nothing to get the precious nano-tube.

Really, nothing can stop this fucking guy. He’s one strong butt baby, that’s for sure. I mean, his spaceship slams head-on with a fucking asteroid, exploding and shattering to pieces, and this fucking guy survives to continue the chase. He’s like the goddamn Terminator, this guy.

I could go on and on, because this really is a great story. It would have been five stars for sure, if it didn’t remind me so much of Star Wars. But it’s still a fun story to read, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves science fiction.

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