Of Love and Distance – grows fonder

Posted: April 1, 2015 in 4 Star Reviews, Fiction
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4 of 5 Not-Very-Romantic Stars – Of Love and Distance by Divya Jyoti Randev

I’m really not a fan of romance novels. Because for the most part, they suck dirty donkey balls. But this book is not one of those books. This one has much more to it than romance. In fact, it has very little to do with romance, and more to do with being a strong woman. Being independent. And being brave.

This book is about Lisa, a journalist who is tasked with interviewing her teenage crush. While riding in a limo with Robert, on the way to the studio to do their interview, they’re both attacked and taken hostage. Because it’s set in India, and apparently that’s what they do there.

So imagine if you will, riding in a limo with a man who you’ve been secretly in love with for years. You’re supposed to interview him. But you can barely speak to him… He’s just so goddamn dreamy! How are you supposed to have a conversation with someone you’re drooling over? It’s bloody well impossible!

But then, you’re kidnapped and tied up. They blindfold you, and throw you into a dark room with your handsome lad. You thought it was hard having a conversation before. But this? Fuck this! This is crazy, man. This is some serious torment, right here.

Then there’s the rapings, and the beatings, and the starvation… All in good fun, of course. And the handsome hunk does finally grow some balls, and stand up for this perfect stranger named Lisa. He finally confronts their captors, and is promptly smacked in the face, like a bitch.

In the aftermath of all this, Lisa tells everyone to fuck off. Even her own mother. Because she can handle her own shit. She doesn’t need anyone’s fucking help. But of course, everyone keeps trying to help her, including her movie star fantasy man. But she’s having nothing of it.

She’s damn determined to live her own life, and deal with the rape baby on her own fucking terms. I can respect that. I’ve had to fight my whole life to live the way I want. Family always wants to ‘help’ or give their goddamn opinions on how to live. Fuck that. Live your own life.

I really like this book because the author had a firm grasp of conflict. Every goddamn page was filled with conflict. And that’s what drives a good story. And of course, having well-developed characters that I actually gave a fuck about certainly helped.

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