Cum for Frankenstein – I’m trying, dammit!

Posted: April 10, 2015 in 4 Star Reviews, Fiction
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4 of 5 Monster-Cock Stars – Cum for Frankenstein by Lasa Limpin.

This is a fun story. It’s very short, at 40 pages, but fun nonetheless. It’s even a story I can relate to. I guess I’m like Frankenstein’s monster, because I know what it’s like when you can’t cum after hours of fucking.

This story is about a bunch of horny bar wenches who happen upon Dr. Frankenstein’s monster who has been hiding out in a nearby barn. None of these girls are the least bit interested in the regular guys in town. Because none of those guys are horrible disfigured monsters.

It must be some kind of fetish, or something. Because these girls come on to the monster like he’s got hundred-dollar bills sticking out of his pocket. But no, all he’s got in his pocket is a huge motherfucking cock. And apparently that’s good enough for these sluts.

All three of them fuck his brains out right there in the barn. One of the girls even takes his huge cock in her ass. Because, why shove a huge monster cock in your pussy? That’s just plain boring. Might as well be adventurous. You never know when you’re going to find another horny monster, after all.

But even with the hardcore ass fucking, the poor monster can’t cum. After the girls are finished with him, he still rampages around the barn, humping the air, humping the horses, humping some guy’s face. Because some guys come (heh, I said come) to the barn with pitchforks and torches, to destroy the horrible monster.

But pitchforks and torches are no match for the rampaging monster cock. The monster fucks his way out of the barn, after pounding his cock deep into a guy’s skull, through the ear canal. Because fucking the guy’s mouth would be gay. But the ear? That’s not gay. That’s just hardcore, man.

I enjoyed this story. And not just because of the hardcore ass fucking. It was funny and erotic at the same time. That’s hard (heh, I said hard) to do. And there was quite a bit of action packed into a short amount of pages. And the monster finally got to cum hard. Yay!

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  1. Oh jesus. I need to read this! I know I’m behind, but I’ll catch up!

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