The Wayward Soul – needs to die

Posted: April 27, 2015 in 1 Star Reviews
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1 of 5 MILF-Fucker Stars – The Wayward Soul by George Flores.

I really hated this book. The first half of it was complete shit. The second half was slightly less stinky shit, but shit nonetheless. Because the story is stupid and pointless. So you got problems at school. Problems at home. Big fucking deal. Welcome to the teenage years, dumbass.

This story is about a young man who’s getting tired of high school. And tired of his naggy parents. So he says ‘fuck it’ and hoofs it out of town. He gets lost as fuck and is rescued by a thirty-something hot woman. He wakes up at her farm. In her bed. Knee-deep in MILF pussy.

Okay, great. Now what? There’s no fucking conflict. They just have breakfast, watch TV, chat about the fucking weather. Who the fuck cares, man? Life is so fucking wonderful. Oh goodie. I’m bored as fuck, man. Shoot something. Rape somebody. Punch someone in the fucking face, or something, goddamnit.

This is the real problem with this book. It’s just shiny happy fun time for two hundred pages or so. No conflict whatsoever. And there’s not even any graphic sex. They just do it. And she comes. Whooptie-freaking-doo. Like I care. I’d probably be happier if she didn’t come, and they had some huge argument about it. But no. It’s just sex and breakfast and oh what’s on TV, and oh look at the pretty flowers.

Goddamnit to hell. What is the goddamn point of this fucking story? To bore me to tears? Because that’s what it did. It certainly didn’t make me want to keep reading it. Because there was no forthcoming conflict. Nothing whatsoever in the horizon that would suggest that this story might get interesting. And it didn’t.

The MILF finally did kick the kid to the curb, because her old boyfriend came crawling back. Oh noes. The young guy has to go back to his horrible parents. But they’re really not horrible at all. They’re quite understanding, actually.

So even in the end, there’s no conflict. No, “Where the fuck have you been, boy? Yer gonna get a whoopin’ that’s for sure!” There’s none of that. Because that would be conflict, and we can’t have that, can we? That’d actually make the book worth reading. No, we can’t have that. Fuck this book.

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