Sunwielder – is yet another Groundhog Day

Posted: April 29, 2015 in Fiction

Glenn Hates Books


4 of 5 Just-Let-Me-Die-Already Stars – Sunwielder by D. Wallace Peach.

This is a great book. An epic story, which reminds me quite a bit of The Return of the King. But instead of wizards and magic, this book has a strange kind of time travel. A device that is given to a young farmer, to change his path. To alter his past, and his future.

The story starts with the young farmer, Gryff, living his happy life, on his farm, with his wife, and the rest of his simple family. Then, men come and burn his world to the ground. They kill his entire family. Even raped his wife, and hung her up, naked in a tree. Gryff finds her, and buries her. Then, he lays there by the stone grave, dying of his own wounds.

He wakes up in some old woman’s cottage. Her own granddaughter laying…

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