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2 of 5 Boring-Ass Stars – American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis.

This is the most boring book about a serial killer. It’s less about him being a serial killer as it is about him being obsessed with his social status. It’s about bullshit corporate hierarchy. It’s about having a better car than the next executive; a better business card; a better girlfriend; a better chainsaw.

There are only about 50 pages of this book that are worth reading. The rest is complete garbage. But, if you don’t read through all the garbage, you will never get to the bits about him torturing a girl on his living room floor, stuffing cheese in her cunt, and urging a rat to eat her out. And, of course, you will probably not get to the bit about him chasing a naked girl through his apartment complex, while he wields a chainsaw.

Because, for the most part, you’ll be stuck reading about how this guy’s suit is just perfect. How that other guy is dating a dirty slut. And how this restaurant is so much better than that other restaurant. And how utterly bored I am, reading that shit. Seriously. I was totally turning into a serial killer, just so I could hunt down Mr. Ellis and slowly dismember his body with a fucking chainsaw.

Wait, did I say 50 pages were worth reading? It’s really more like 5 pages of awesomeness. Fuck the rest of this book. Fuck it in its dirty fucking asshole. Because, it’s so bad, and it should feel bad.

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