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1 of 5 Die-Bentley-Die Stars – The Influence by Bentley Little.

Bentley Little can go fuck himself. Seriously, this book pissed me off. 416 pages. About 350 pages of bullshit and maybe 66 pages of actual story. So, seriously, go fuck yourself, Bentley Little. I hate your stupid face.

I read this book because someone recommended it. In fact, they said that “Anything by Bentley Little is fucked up and scary as shit”. Now, I want to hunt down the motherfucker that wrote that recommendation and have him explain to me how the fuck this book qualifies as “fucked up and scary as shit”. Because, goddamnit, it’s not.

Okay, it is kind of fucked up, sure. I mean when you actually get to the story part, the 66 pages of story are very fucked up and kind of interesting. That’s the only reason I finished the book. But, goddamnit. Why do I have to wade through 350 pages of utter horseshit in order to get to an actual story?

The ‘story’ bit, when you actually find it, is about a bunch of stupid white-trash red-necks who shoot off their guns, while at some party, and just happen to shoot a demon, or angel, or something, out of the sky. They hide it in the barn, and try to ignore it. But, of course it’s not going to be ignored.

Even though the creature is supposedly dead, it begins to influence the town somehow. Weird things start to happen. All the livestock up and die. The fields turn red. And there’s weird butterflies everywhere.

So yes, there is an actual story in the book somewhere, and it’s actually pretty good, once you get through the 350 pages of garbage. But, seriously, fuck Bentley Little in his stupid hack asshole.

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