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2 of 5 What-The-Actual-Fuck Stars – Bible is Not Great by Soren Sagan.

But this title is great, right? I mean, tell us how you really feel. it’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just not great. Big fucking deal. Lots of things are not great, but those things aren’t destroying the world. And this book suggests that religion is, in fact, what’s destroying the world.

This book is a historical breakdown of everything that’s wrong with the bible. How most of the stories within the bible are copied from earlier myths from history. It goes on about the likelihood that the story of Noah and the flood is probably just an account of the last ice age, where the oceans rose and swallowed up whole countries, and all that shit.

And for some reason, this book also tries to break down all other religions as well. I thought this was supposed to be about the bible? Nope. It’s really about how all religions are bullshit, and how that bullshit is killing millions upon millions of innocent people. And how nice this planet would be without all that bullshit.

The main problem I had with this book was the fact that the author repeated himself constantly. Like over and over. I mean, the Noah story was in at least 4 different chapters in this fucking book. And the Adam and Eve thing was in 3 or more chapters. And Moses in his fucking basket was mentioned in several different chapters. I mean this whole fucking book was redundant. It’s just the same fucking thing, over and over, told in slightly different ways.

I’ve read several atheist books, including Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, and I’ve always found that the most interesting bits in those books aren’t about the bullshit in the bible. The reason I read those books are because of the constant christian bashing. I mean, Dawkins goes on and on about how retarded christians are. Like how you can present Ken Ham with all the evidence in the world about how the earth is not only six thousand years old, but Ham will still smile like an idiot and say “Nope, you’re wrong.” That shit is comedy gold.

But you’ll find none of that comedy gold in this goddamn book. This book is just about the facts. No christian bashing at all, really. Where’s the fun in that?

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