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3 of 5 Virtual Stars – Better Than Life by Grant Naylor.

The first third of this book is fucking awesome. The Better Than Life bit. It’s amazing. That’s why I wanted to read this book. I saw that episode of Red Dwarf, and it was so good, I just had to read the book. And, that part of the book was great, but after that, it turns to complete horseshit.

Better Than Life is the most addictive game ever developed. It’s a completely immersive virtual reality game, that allows you to create your own perfect world. Where Lister is living the perfect family life, in a small town, with the his lifelong love obsession Kristine. Where Rimmer is rich as balls, with all the hot bitches, and the biggest penis on the planet. Seriously, Rimmer goes to his Personal Body Tailor, because his current body had gotten a bit wrinkled. The tailor asked Rimmer how he likes his new body. “The penis could be a bit bigger,” Rimmer says. “Sir, any bigger and it would be dragging on the ground,” the tailor responds.

All this is great stuff. But, then they finally get out of the game, and the story turns to trying to rescue their spaceship from colliding with a rogue planet. Oh noes! Who the fuck cares? Then, Lister gets stranded on a garbage planet, and makes friends with 9 foot long cockroaches. Okay, that’s a bit weird. But again, who the fuck cares?

So, here’s some advice, if you want to read this book. Stop reading when they get out of Better Than Life. Because after that, you’ll just want to kill yourself.

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