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2 of 5 Puny Human Stars – The Compleat Bolo by Keith Laumer

The only people I cared about in this book were not people. They were machines. Robots. Toasters. Whatever. The people in this book, the actual human characters suck donkey balls. I mean they’re just so bad. But the robots… Oh my god. Love ’em. They’re articulate and intelligent. They have more feeling than any of the stupid humans running them.

This is the story of a war. A war fought mostly by robots. A war that would have been won, had the dumbfucks just let the robots do what they wanted, and whoop some motherfucking ass. But nooo.

Instead, we’ve got some idiot rednecks running these robots, and they don’t know what the bloody fuck they’re doing. And the robots even tell these guys “Hey man, we should really kill those guys over there. They’re totally going to destroy us if you keep fucking around.”

But the dumbfuck rednecks are too goddamn stupid to listen to the robots. “Fuck that thar robot. He ain’t no nothin’ ’bout na gadnumb war fightin’.” That’s how these rednecks talk in this book. And it’s annoying as fuck.

I’m still glad I read this book. The robots are fascinating. They have real intelligence, and even feelings. They get sad when their fellow robots get destroyed. They actually fear their own demise.

The problem is, that’s like 5% of this book. The rest is utter garbage. I really wish this had just been a short story about robots. Unfortunately, the robot bits are strewn within this pile of rubbish. It makes me a sad robot.

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Desert Highway

2 of 5 Sleepy-Time Stars – Zero Hour by D.M. Baillie.

This is the most boring post-apocalyptic story I have ever read. I mean, there’s no real conflict until chapter 6 for fuck’s sake. Seriously? Come on, now.

Okay, sure. The world exploded, like in every other apocalyptic story. Big fucking deal. Our first-person narrator avoided conflict at all costs. Now, this is fine in a real-world situation. It’s very realistic. But, it doesn’t make for a good story. It’s just boring as fuck narrative. Oh look, the trees are on fire. My feet hurt, maybe I should rest for a bit. Oh look, a squirrel. Who the fuck cares?

After the 6th chapter, he does come in contact with other people, and helps some woman and her son from being gang raped. It would have been a more interesting story if he had watched them get gang raped, then rescued them, but whatever. I mean, by that point in the story, I was about to give up on the damn thing. I needed some kind of excitement, goddamnit.

But, it never really got exciting. It was just this guy and the people he meets, avoiding conflict throughout the rest of the book. Boo-fucking-hoo. Now, I have to go find a book where the world explodes, and people actually get gang raped. So, thanks for that inspiration D.M. Baillie.

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3 of 5 Rape-But-Not-Rape Stars – Hear Me Scream by R.M. James.

This book has lots of action, from the very beginning. It seemed that, with every chapter, there were more ways for the characters to die horrible deaths. Or, end up a sex slave for life.

This is the dystopian story of earth that’s been ravaged by disease. We created our own destruction with genetic engineering. Those that survived the plague, are genetically mutated humans. Bigger. Better. Faster. Some can read minds, others can talk to animals. A select few can even reincarnate, and travel through time.

So, it’s an amazing world, filled with special powers, love, and rebels who like to turn all their captives into sex slaves. Men and women. Something that drove me nuts was all the gay rape. Oral and anal. Like, over and over.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just that, when it came to raping the women, or even small children, we are spared the details. They just get raped. I mean, no actual descriptions of the semen spilling out of their mouths, like when the men get raped. What gives? I was like, here we go. She’s gonna get it. Oh, what the fuck… “And then they raped her.” That’s it? But when they rape and torture the guys, it’s like pure porn.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for graphic descriptions of guys getting fucked in the ass. It’s just that I’d also like to read about the girls getting raped and tortured. Is that so wrong?

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