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3 of 5 Extra Girly Stars – Extras by Scott Westerfeld

This book is aptly titled, because it doesn’t need to exist. It’s like a forced book, in an otherwise decent series. It really should have ended with Specials. But nooo… Authors gots to get paid, right?

This book is the story of Aya Fuse, and her obsession with being famous. It’s kind of a social media type story. The cool kids, known as “kickers” are always kicking stories to the ‘net, to get fame, or what reddit would call karma, or something.

It’s stupid. It’d definitely a teeny-bopper thing. Getting your selfie noticed on facebook, or doing something stupid and filming it for youtube. That’s what happens for the majority of this book, just Aya filming stupid shit with her hover-drone, and posting it to wherever in order to get followers, or fame.

And of course, there’s some plot to destroy the world, that she happens to stumble upon. This makes her uber-famous, and she gets to live the high-life for a while, until Tally and Shay show up. The bitches from the previous books. I’m not sure what the fuck they’re doing in this book, because their history in the series has absolutely nothing to do with this story.

I really think the author should have either continued his story with Tally and Shay, or started a completely new series in this awesome world he’s created. Because that world is awesome, filled with spectacular sci-fi elements and technology.

But no. He had to go and skull fuck the series with this book. It just doesn’t belong in the series. And, in the end, it’s just a stupid fucking story about an obsessed teenage girl. It’s not near as interesting as the previous books. So, don’t bother with this one. Just end it with Specials, and call it a day.

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