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3 of 5 Cool-Girl Stars – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

I could have literally skipped the first 200 pages of this book, and not missed a thing. Seriously, start about the 50% mark and its a gripping, engaging novel. If you start at the beginning… Well, I doubt you’d even get to the 50% mark, because the first half is boring as shit.

That being said, the last half of the book is awesome. I was hooked hard, and had to keep reading to the end. And that was when the disappointment hit. The ending is bullshit. I really wish there would have been a real, fitting end to this story. It really deserves a good, brutal ending.

Like, maybe Nick strangles Amy to death. No, fuck that. Then he’d go to prison and get ass raped. He doesn’t deserve that. So, how about Amy getting abducted for real? Like some stalker who had been following the news got obsessed with Amy, and as soon as she came home to Nick, the stalker busts in at night, takes Amy back to his lair, and rapes the ever-loving shit out of her.

Now, that’s an ending I could get behind. Then, the stalker strangles her to death, or stabs her in her cold fucking heart, or puts a shotgun to her head… I don’t really care how she dies. Just kill that miserable bitch, please. Give us some goddamn justice.

This is what I don’t get about this book, and it’s fucked up ending: how does Amy being pregnant change a goddamn thing? She’s still a psycho bitch. Why would Nick want to have a child with that fucked up cunt? Why would he forgive everything she’s done, just because she’s carrying his baby? Is he just that pathetic?

He even throws away the┬ánovel that he’s written about the whole ordeal, with the fake Amy abduction, and his assumed guilt, and arrest. All that shit. He typed it up. Then, just threw it all away, when he found out that Amy was pregnant with his child. It’s fucking bullshit. Kill that stupid whore. Or at the very least, just run away, man. Run for the hills. Divorce her, and get on with your miserable life. Have a child with someone else. Someone who’s not a fucking psychopath.

So, fuck Gillian Flynn in her dirty asshole for fucking up the ending to this book. And fuck Amy in her Cool Girl asshole because she is one psycho bitch.

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