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1 of 5 Metaphorically-Speaking Stars – The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks.

I hate this book so much. I’ve tried finishing it like 5 times now. I just can’t do it. It’s just sooooooo bad. And it makes me feel stupid, like I’m missing something. Something profound. But I really doubt it. I’m still convinced that it’s just a horrible book.

This book has got to be some kind of fucked up metaphor. But I’m just too damn stupid to understand it. It’s written from the point of view of some stupid kid. About 10 or so, from what I can tell. He blathers on endlessly about bullshit. His life sucks. He doesn’t have any friends. Bla bla bla… Who the fuck cares? I know I don’t, that’s for sure.

Eventually, he gets on about being a killer. A murderer. Or something. I’m not quite sure. He kills rabbits, and a deer, and then goes on about that time he killed some kid. Or something. I really don’t know because it was so fucking boring I nearly fell asleep reading it.

Even after the so-called killing started, it was boring as shit. So, fuck this kid in his dirty asshole. I really hope he did get raped or something. Unfortunately, I don’t know if he got raped, because I stopped reading about halfway through. I had to stop. Because, fuck this goddamn book. Oh, and fuck Iain Banks in his asshole too, because everyone fucking loves him for some goddamn reason. Especially those dirty cunts in the UK.

Hell, the only reason I picked this book, and actually tried to read it, was because I was chatting with some UK chick, while playing backgammon online. She (oh who am I kidding… ‘She’ was probably a dude. lolz) kept gushing about this jackass Banks. Said I just had to pick up one of his books. “He’s brilliant!” she assured me. Fucking bullshit.

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