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4 of 5 What-The-Fuck Stars – The Maze Runner by James Dashner.

A compelling read. Very unique setting and story. The characters are well developed and distinct. The plot is intriguing. I never knew what would happen next. Quite the page turner.

This book is pretty much the story of Lord of the Flies, in a maze. A boy wakes up in a box, being raised to the courtyard of the maze, when all the Flies boys come up to greet his greenie ass.

The new boy is curious about the maze. So, against the rules, because of course it’s against the rules, he runs out, into the maze to save one of the fellow Flies boys. It’s against the rules, because it’s impossible to survive out in the maze at dark, because the monsters come out at dark.

But guess what? The new boy prevails, and saves the other boy, killing and avoiding monsters, like he’s some kind of superhero. But it turns out that he’s not, in fact, a superhero. He’s the asshole who built the maze. He just doesn’t remember all of that nonsense, because plot reasons.

The book really made no sense whatsoever. The entire book seemed like a trailer or set-up for the next book. It posed many questions but gave no answers. The ending was very disappointing. This book forced you to read the next book. Frankly, fuck that shit. Give me a complete story, goddamnit. Beginning, middle, and end.

It was still a compelling read. It was a good book. I would definitely recommend it. But seriously, fuck books that are just set-ups for the next book. Fuck them in their dirty assholes.

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