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3 of 5 Perfectly Normal Stars – The Psychopath Test.

It’s comforting to know that I am not, in fact, a psychopath. I wasn’t quite sure, until I read this book. It gives you a definitive answer.

Part of me was hoping that I was a psychopath, because it would sure explain why I’m so fucked in the head. Apparently, just being a crazy person that thinks about killing people all the time, does not make me a psychopath. In fact, I learned from this book that there is a really short answer to the question: Am I a psychopath? If you think you might be a psychopath, you are not one. It’s that simple. So, you don’t even have to read this book now. I saved you some time.

But, if you think: Fuck that noise! I’m not a goddamn psychopath. I’m just smarter and better than all you fuckers. Then, you might want to read this book. Because you’re probably a goddamn psychopath.

So, fuck psychopaths in their dirty assholes. Or don’t. Because, if you’re close enough to fuck their dirty asshole, they’re probably going to kill you. Then fuck your dirty asshole. Because they’re sick like that.

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