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4 of 5 Race-Against-Time Stars – Ghost Country by Patrick Lee.

What would you do, if you knew how the world would end? If you knew for a fact that next week, the President of the United States would press that magic button, and our whole world would end in ruin, would you try to stop it?

Not me. I’d wait that shit out, sittin’ on my porch with a shotgun, hoping some zombies would come by. Because, as it is, the world is pretty dull. Nothing interesting ever happens.

I mean, how long has it been since a nuke was dropped? 60 years or so? It’s been too damn long. How the hell is Iraq still a country? It should be a smouldering ruin by now, goddamnit. We’ve got thousands of nukes just laying around doing nothing. It’s time we laid some waste.

In Ghost Country, an artifact has popped out of the Breach, which allows the user to see into the future. Or even open a portal and visit that future.

Well, being the curious fuck-stick that he is, Travis Chase opens a portal, looks around at the wasteland and thinks hey, that might be fun. So, he jumps on in, leaving his love Paige behind. Because, conflict.

So, this whole book is about Paige running around with knowledge of the future. She tries to stop the world from ending, and of course, fails miserably. She really is useless without Travis around to help.

Eventually, Paige says “Fuck this shit,” more or less, and opens a portal to the future to join Travis, who has been fucking around in wasteland for 70 goddamn years. But, of course, he’s had an awesome artifact with him that keeps him young.

Fuck those goddamn artifacts. They ruin everything. Every fucking time. There’s this whole plot thing, where it seems impossible. There’s absolutely no way this can end well. Enter a motherfucking artifact, and wham-o, problem solved. Goddamnit to hell.

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