Island of the Sequined Love Nun – is kinda fun and dirty

Posted: May 16, 2015 in Fiction

Glenn Hates Books


3 of 5 Slutty-Mary-Kay Stars – Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Christopher Moore.

This book was an interesting study of ‘What would you do for money’? Would you sell your soul to the devil? Would you help harvest organs from an unassuming group of innocent islanders? Would you create a religion, so those islanders would be happy to be ‘chosen’, and jump up on the operating table willingly?

This is the story of the wild adventures of Tucker Case. He’s an asshole. A womanizer. A drunken airplane pilot, who just happens to find himself a whore who wants to get fucked in the cockpit, at 10,000 feet. Of course, Tuck is eager to oblige, and ends up crashing his boss’s Lear jet in the process.

He also manages to impale himself on one of the levers in the cockpit, which shot directly through his scrotum, and out his…

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